American Toads in Michigan During Mating Season

Calling toad with vocal sac extended

Portrait of a male toad standing in a pond

Singing Brown Toad in Green Duckweed

Brown toad sitting back in a pond

Here are a few photos of male American toads (Bufo americanus also known as Anaxyrus americanus) photographed during the breeding season in Livingston County, Michigan. The call of the American Toad is a long, high-pitched trill. In the audio clip below you can hear two calls from an American Toad. In the background you can also hear the short trilling calls of grey treefrogs (Hyla versicolor)

Once mating ends, the adult toads move away from the wetlands and back into the fields and forests. Left behind, the thousands of toad eggs will hatch into tiny black tadpoles that quickly develop into into tiny toadlets. The toadlets leave the wetlands to seek refuge on land for several years before maturing into reproductive adults.

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