Woodhouse's Toad with a small dog

Fat Toad Looking At You

A huge woodhouse's toad (Bufo woodhousii or Anaxyrus woodhousii) photographed in Socorro Co., New Mexico. This may be the last thing many insects see before this giant toad swallows them. I was able to observe and photograph this toad one night when she was hopping around a man-made pond used for irrigation. There were several other Woodhouse's toads there, but she was the biggest.

Woodhouse's toad near a pipe.

A few years after the first photo was taken, I was back visiting the same ranch in Socorro County, New Mexico. While there, I noticed another huge Woodhouse's Toad (Bufo woodhousii) that spent much of her time living in this drainage pipe sunk into the ground. Based on sheer size, I wondered if she was the same big toad I had photographed two years earlier.

Several friendly, curious dogs also live at this ranch. They roam all over the grounds, sniffing around and catching rodents. They showed some curiosity about this toad, but never tried to take a bite of her!

Woodhouse's toad with a small dog.

Many other reptiles and amphibians live around the ranch where these toads were seen. For example, American Bullfrogs live in stock ponds where the toads breed. Lizards such as Western Whiptails, New Mexico Whiptails, and Desert Spiny Lizards run around the ranch during the day. At night, snakes like Desert Kingsnakes come out to prowl.

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